Monday, September 1, 2014

Music Classroom Set Up

Today I am linking up with Aileen Miracle at Mrs. Miracle's Music Room to talk about my classroom set up.

Below is a picture of one of my doors.  I don't use it often for classroom purposes, but it is there and needs to be decorated.  Last year, I put just one small poster on it.  But, I purchased these cute advocacy posters from Music with Sara Bibee and decided they would look great on this door.  The students walk past this door every day, so I'm hoping some of the information will sink in as they glance at it while walking by.  My favorite thing about these posters is that each page only gives a snippet of information that even young students can understand.  It's great for the teachers, parents, and administrators to see when they walk past as well!

I purchased the Nautical Music Room Decor Kit from Lindsay Jervis, and it has so many ideas and everything you need to decorate your classroom.  I live at the beach, so this was great for my classroom.   This next picture is of my "front" door.  This is where all of the students enter my classroom each day.   It's so cute, and I love it!  

Here is a picture of the front of my classroom.  I decided to use the Music Rules from Lindsay as well (you can see the word music down the side of my bulletin board).  I liked that it came with songs to teach the students about each rule.  My Kindergarten and 1st grade students are enjoying the songs.

And, below is a picture of another bulletin board idea from Lindsay's nautical kit.  I was beginning to teach the notes on the staff to 4th and 5th grade students this week, and one of the students caught on that what I was teaching was also on this bulletin board.  It's great when I can see the light bulb moment for them (even if it was a small one!)

Here is a picture of my Are You in a 5-S Line? posters.  You can download them from my store for free!  (While you are in my store, make sure to follow me, too!)  These posters are a great visual for my students when they are lining up.  They know if they do not line up quickly and correctly, they may not get a sticker for the day in music class.  I like that all I have to ask is "Are you in a 5-S line?"  I don't have to tell them to turn around, stop talking, get in line.....

Here is a picture of one of my rest area posters that are scattered about the room in case I need to send a student to "rest" for a bit :)

My last photo of the day will be my Recorder Karate posters on the side of my classroom.  Last year, I let the 5th grade students put a recorder girl/boy with their name on it up on the color that they had completed.    They really enjoyed looking to see where everyone was.  It was a great motivator when some of the classes would get way out ahead of the others.  I've also had many students this year already ask about it, so I know they were watching the others last year.   

You can see all of my Orff instruments that look abandoned over in the corner.  I promise they are not  completely abandoned.  They just haven't been put in their spot this year.  Most of them are not usable right now but I'm working on that (they got overheated at some point before I got to the school).  

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my classroom.  I have more work to do, but school has already started, so I'm running full force!  Thank goodness for the Labor Day weekend!  

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