Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cyber Sale Linky Party

Can you believe there are only a few weeks before Christmas?!?!  I only have three more weeks until another break!  Woo hoo!  I have really enjoyed these few days to spend with family and also create new resources.  I can only imagine what I will be able to accomplish with two weeks off!

Teachers Pay Teachers is throwing a CyberMonday sale from Dec. 1-2.  You can check out all of the great products out there and get 28% off by using their code TPTCYBER.  Thanks to the 3am Teacher for the cybersale banner!

But before you start shopping, I am linking up with Amy Abbott from Music a la Abbott to learn about what other products are out there that I might want to put in my shopping cart for Monday!

I will first tell you one of my products that I think you should purchase, and then I will tell you about 2 more products that I already have in my shopping cart ready to go!

I just finished making my Nutcracker Ballet Scavenger Hunt.  It is similar to a write the room activity.  Students will have a worksheet and will walk around the room in search of the pictures that I have posted throughout my room to review the Nutcracker.  It's always great when I can give the students a worksheet and let them work on their own!  If you are teaching your students about the Nutcracker Ballet this season, you might want to purchase this!

One item I will be purchasing is from another South Carolina music teacher, Sally Utley.  This is another Write the Room activity but for Instruments of the Orchestra.  This looks amazing, and Sally has thought of many different options for this activity.

And last, I will be purchasing this cute Body Percussion Clip Art set from Dancing Crayon Designs.  I have been eyeing this for a while to use to create some more activities for my students.  Why not purchase while it's 28% off?

Don't forget to check out Amy's link party for more ideas from some great music teachers!  And leave a comment to tell me what you will be purchasing, or what you think I should purchase, too!  Thanks!


  1. Oooo! I've been thinking of making a write the room activity. Sally's looks great. I think she just saved me a bunch of time!

  2. A scavenger hunt for the Nutcracker- what a fun idea!