Monday, November 24, 2014

Five Favorite Pins of November

Today, I'm linking up with Aileen Miracle at Mrs. Miracle's Room to share my Five Favorite Pins.  After reading my favorite pins, make sure to scroll back up to the top to click on this link to see all of the other pins posted by some pretty amazing music teachers out there!

My first one came just in time for Thanksgiving break!  I am definitely guilty of taking home too much work every weekend and then not doing any of it!  And, apparently, Pitch Hill and I were thinking the same thing!  Ha!

My second pin is about vocal exploration using the book, The Squiggle by Carole Lexa Schaefer.  I start each Kindergarten and 1st grade class off with a vocal exploration, and this would be great for my students!  I've thought about using WikiSticks and pipe cleaners, but never thought about a jump rope.

My third pin is great for classroom management.  Who doesn't love Mr. or Mrs. Potatohead?!  This looks so easy to make and would be very easy for students to understand!

My fourth pin has several winter activities involved in one blog post!  Meter, form, ice skating, and a snow ball fight thrown in there!  I tried some of this last year, but I will definitely revisit this again after Thanksgiving break!

And, my last pin is a a cute idea for listening to and identifying different sounds.  These could be made with plastic eggs or 35 mm cases if you can still find those....  My daughter's church choir teacher was using them this past week.  I found it interesting that she had some after I had just pinned this myself.  It's also a great idea for a substitute, too!

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