Sunday, June 21, 2015

June: Small Goals

Well, Jennifer from The Yellow Brick Road posted this blog a while back.  It's taken me almost the whole month to blog about it!  Ha!

So, my small goals for June are as follows:

#1  ~  Go to the beach/pool/water at least once a week with my family.  We live at the beach, and I feel like we NEVER go to the beach.  We do spend time on our boat, but that is sometimes not as relaxing as I would like it to be (and it's expensive, too!)  We've gone twice in the past two weeks, so I'm doing good so far!

#2  ~  Create more products.  I joined a TpT challenge group, so that is helping me create or at least revise some past products.  I have a lot in my mind I want to do.

#3  ~  Make some lists.  I used to be more organized BC (before children - and I only have 1!)  I need to make some lists so that I get things done.  I'm relatively new at being a teacher, and this summer thing is hard.  I LOVE having time off!  However, because I have time off I think "[this] can wait until tomorrow," and then [this] never gets done.  Having some lists will really help me.

I could set more goals, but she said "small goals," and I think these are big enough as it is!  Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what your small goals are.  And, go ahead and link up, too!

Thanks Jennifer for inspiring me to set some goals!  I needed it!

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