Follower and Feedback Giveaway!

I am excited to be linking up with some new music teacher bloggers to give away $10 credit to each of our stores.  
It's easy!  See below for details!

Following {Why and How}

Why Follow Me on my blog, TpT, Facebook, and Twitter?
My blog You will get a glimpse into my life as a music teacher as well as some of the products I use and have created.  This is the easiest way for me to show you how I teach in my classroom.  We are all different, and I know I am not perfect.  But, I enjoy learning new things from other teachers, and I’m sure you do, too!
TeachersPayTeachers - You will know when I post new items to my store and get exclusive insider info through your TpT inbox!  I always discount my new items by 50% for the first 48 hours, so you are at an advantage if you are already following me.  Occasionally, I will send a file for free through your TpT inbox just for following me!  I love getting these types of freebies!
Facebook - Liking my page on Facebook and getting notifications will also let you know ALWAYS when I post something to my Facebook page.  Unfortunately, Facebook is changing the way we view certain pages, and if you are not receiving notifications, you might miss my big announcements (like Freebies, contests, and discounted products).
Twitter - I’ll be honest, I’m not as big on Twitter just yet, but I plan to start doing more.  I have found some great music education hashtags to follow and have learned some things when I am on there.  There are also some great music education chats every so often (I will blog about these in a later post-or link to someone else that has already blogged about it)

Feedback {Why and How}
Why Leave Feedback?

Credits!You get TpT credits each time you leave fair feedback on paid items.  This has been so helpful for me at times when I just didn’t have the finances to by something but really needed (or wanted) it!
Help Sellers - When you leave feedback, it helps me improve my products and also helps me know what products buyers are really interested in.  Really love that worksheet or game you bought? Let me know!  That might just be the push that I need to create another product!
Help Buyers – Buyers often look at reviews before purchasing.  Leaving a helpful review might just encourage other people to purchase a product if they see how it has been useful for you. 

How to Leave FAIR Feedback

Read Descriptions - Please don't rate a product low because it is not what you expected.  Most sellers have extremely detailed descriptions and often have a full preview available (I always try to have a preview available). I don’t want to show my entire product to you before purchasing because then you might decide to go make it yourself using my ideas.  But, if you are not satisfied with my product, CONTACT ME FIRST!  You can send me a private message on Facebook or leave a comment in the Ask A Question tab on my TpT store.  I will be more than happy to talk with you more about any concerns you have.  You can also email me at any time!

Give some details - "Thanks" and "Great" are nice comments, but what did you actually like about the product?  What do you think other potential buyers should know about the product?

Typos – Sometimes mistakes happen.  It gets difficult after I have worked on a product for hours to find mistakes.  If you find a typo in my product, please let me know so that I can update it.  This is not a reason to leave negative feedback.

Technical Problems - Sometimes this is my fault, but we all have different computers, printers, etc.  If you have technical difficulties, please contact me first.  I create on my Mac, but also have PC’s available to check on.  I can also ask other people to try out a product to find a problem.  Again, just contact me first before leaving negative feedback.

I think that about covers the reasons to 
Follow me and leave Fair Feedback.  
Now, you can enter my giveaway.

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