Tuesday, June 23, 2015

TPT Seller Challenge : Dare to Dream!

Dare to Dream....

This is a hard one for me!  I don't dream much.  I am very simple.  I love music, my family, and God.  I am happy just the way life is.

But, if I had to dream, these would be my top three dreams:

Let's be honest, I don't work for free!  I want something out of my work, and the money definitely helps!  My first two dreams are about the money.

GET OUT OF DEBT!  This is one of the main reasons I began my store on TeachersPayTeachers.  I am currently teaching full time, and my husband is a teacher, too.  I also transcribe surgical reports in the evening as my "second" job.  So, TpT is my "third" job.  I wish I could spend more time with it, but sometimes I run out of hours in a day (don't we all?!)  And, I am a new seller, so my store is small at this point, but I get excited even when I sell something for $1!  Every little bit helps!

HAVE EXTRA MONEY TO SPEND WITH FAMILY!  We have one beautiful daughter that wants to do everything!  Having a little more money in our accounts each month really helps to make this happen.  She loves to dance, and she loves gymnastics.  I want to give her the world, and TpT helps make that happen for us!

My last dream relates to the friendships I've made so far on TpT.

MAKE LIFETIME FRIENDS!  I already have lifetime friends, and I love them dearly!  But, I have really enjoyed getting to know the music sellers from TpT.  These are people that share the same passion that I do for music.  I enjoy talking and collaborating with them on a regular basis.  I have already developed great friendships with people all over the US (and even the world!), and I look forward to continuing these friendships into the future.  I can't go to Vegas this year, but I look forward to meeting some of these sellers someday!

So, these are my dreams.  They are small, yet lofty at the same time.  They aren't outrageous.

We won't be out of debt any time soon (probably ever).

I won't be able to give my precious daughter the world, but I will certainly die trying!

And I won't get to meet all of my TpT friends any time soon, but I look forward to the day that I can!

Still, I'm thankful every day for my family, friends, and TpT!



  1. Thanks for sharing! One of the aspects I've loved most about being a TPT seller is the friendships I've formed with other sellers and bloggers. It's a wonderful community!!

  2. Nice dreams! I would love to be debt free too! I have 3 boys and between Tae Kwon Do, baseball, tennis, and basketball they really drain the bank account!!